Are You Sensitive, Creative and Empathic In a World That Doesn’t Make Sense To You? Then This Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist Is a Must-Read!

The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls

  • Explore the nature of your soul and what it means to be an Indigo adult or feminine soul.
  • Awaken the true YOU and embrace the divine differences that make you receptive, sensitive and empathic.
  • Develop emotional freedom with insights and practical healing tools to feel centered and at peace.
  • Master the power of the Divine Feminine within you to transform your reality and the world.
  • Understand other soul types and how unique and invaluable you really are.
  • Embrace life as a journey of self-discovery by managing your emotional and creative energy.
  • Discover your true purpose and how to contribute your extraordinary gifts to promote a new cosmic cycle of light.

Readers' Favorite Book Award FinalistA 2016 Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist!

“Whether you are an Indigo or not, everyone and especially every woman needs to take a look at this book … It is a revelation to those who need to understand the feminine soul. The detail and way that everything is explained is refreshing and eye opening … A deeply compelling and insightful read.” ~Readers’ Favorite







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Why do some of us feel disempowered and disconnected in a world that seems so utterly absurd? This is what spiritual counselor and coach Yol Swan kept asking herself over more than 30 years while exploring the psychological and spiritual aspects of the soul.

In The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls, she shares her story, insights and soul memories, as well as a variety of practical tools to help YOU develop emotional freedom and find your place and purpose here. This book is an essential road map for the sensitive, empathic soul types who feel like square pegs in a round-peg world.

From her mystical experiences, channeled messages and encounters with enlightened teachers to the cosmic memories that led her to an in-depth exploration of the wounded Feminine, the author takes you on a spiritual healing journey of self-discovery and personal growth to unlock your hidden power, fulfill your purpose and bring balance to an overly masculine world.

You’ll learn the differences between the many soul types inhabiting the Earth (and why this world is such a painful mess) to better understand yourself and others while gaining valuable insights and tools to help YOU feel connected and centered. If you’re ready to break free from toxic dynamics that promote suffering and dysfunctional relationships, this is a must-read!

“You may have heard of Indigo children, but Indigos come in all ages and personalities and often live despairing lives along with other feminine soul types who can’t accept the agonizing lack of love on the planet,” the author says. “Some of these sensitive, empathic visionaries have been planting seeds for a better future, but most feel lost and hurt in this polarized world and are completely unaware of the extraordinary creative power they possess.”
Yol Swan

“This book is a wonderful support for all, for those who are Indigos and those who are not. For Indigos, it will guide them through the tough spots and help identify themselves more fully. And for non-Indigos, it will help them understand and see themselves and Indigos honestly. Thank you for giving us this insightful information!”

~ Jan Tober, author of The Indigo Children, the New Kids Have Arrived.

“Yol Swan is quite simply a healing transmitter of knowledge and wisdom of the soul. She combines astonishing and wide-ranging healing insights with a profound and exquisite heart presence upon every page. In my experience with writing and the ability to ‘transmit’ — she has it. She is a gift to the world.”

~ Anaiya Sophia, author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine.

“Authentic, personal, revealing, cour